Permanent Exhibitions

The main building of Pokfulam Farm is used to display the products, documents and photos of the Old Dairy Farm at that time, with text explanations attached to reproduce the history and operation of the old milk company. Visitors can learn about the rise and fall of the Old Dairy Farm here.

Exhibition A Story Attachment, Detachment and Rootedness having happened in Pokfulam

The thematic exhibition narrates a three-part story about the history of Pokfulam village and its historic relics. The story begins when visitors enter the outdoor space and the reception area. Visitors will walk through the hustle and bustle of the city, understand how the Pokfulam community connected to the land and developed a deep and strong bond with it. Then, the visitors will enter the ‘Detachment’ section inside the main building, also defined as a seeding process. From the beginning of the farm in 1886 to the closure of the farm after a hundred years, the corner showcases the history of the Old Dairy Farm and the stories of the old workers, farm managers, all that entails are all part of the detachment process. Finally, ‘Rootedness’ is a ‘rhizome simulation model’, there is still nourishment deep in the soil and that if one roots deeper, one can still grow strong. The inherent culture of the  Pokfulam Village has been washed away by the urbanization but there is a cry ‘Keep Pokfulam Village’ to save the tide. The exhibition will run from 26 March to 24 September 2023.