The Pokfulam Farm’s Story

The Pokfulam Farm Revitalization Project falls into the Batch IV Revitalisation Scheme of Development Bureau. It was co-designed and co-operated by Caritas Hong Kong and Pokfulam Village Cultural Landscape Conservation Group, with the vision of setting the stage for creating and demonstrating the distinctive value of the Pokfulam cultural landscape which embodies a unique history of agriculture industry.

The Pokfulam Farm, formerly the Old Dairy Farm Senior Staff Quarters known as Braemar, has been classified as Grade I historic building. Being the entrance to Pokfulam, the Farm envisions a platform for the public to comprehend the history of the region. By adopting of a community perspective, the Farm plans exhibition, docent tours and workshops to depict the history of the Old Dairy Farm and its connection with the surrounding settlement culture. Advocating lifestyle diversity and appreciation for the nature, the Farm also promotes and supports sustainable development of the entire community.

In addition to presenting as a heritage conservation project, the Farm also constitutes an important part of the course of community development. The Farm signifies a new milestone on the trend of historical building conservation in the 21st-century Hong Kong: To create a new page of cultural conversation in Hong Kong through the ownership of the local communities, the cohesion of local power, and the establishment of a shared identity, encompassing our vision in which the heritage, together with the cultural landscape, will ripen into a collective treasure of Hong Kong citizens.